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Believe it or not, there are actually some people who have found a risk free and easy way to make some extra money by using the internet. These people are internet poker affiliates who have partnered with a top internet poker room to help it find new players. There is no financial risk for internet poker affiliates because it’s free to become an affiliate and the tools needed for success are provided by the poker room. This also makes it easy, because the poker room does much of the work.

All internet poker affiliates need is a website and/or an e-mail account and the willingness to spend a little time contacting people. The poker room provides its internet poker affiliates with attractive banner ads for the affiliates’ websites and text ads to be included in e-mails sent out by the affiliates. Each of these ads contains a direct link to the poker room website. Once someone clicks on one of these ads the affiliate gets instant credit for a referral. If the referral signs up at the poker room and begins playing live poker then the affiliate earns a commission.

This commission is based on the rake, which is the amount of each hand kept by the house. The commission continues to be earned by internet poker affiliates every time the players they refer return to the poker room to play. This commission is paid on a regular basis and will continue to grow as new referrals are made. So see, money can be made on the internet if you’re interested in getting in on it, check out an affiliate program for yourself.

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You receive 25% of the rake generated by your referrals at
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Affiliate Marketing
Earn 25%

Got traffic? Turn your traffic into cash today with the industry leader in poker affiliate marketing programs, brought to you by Affiliate Program members earn the most generous pay-outs in the industry! Earn 25% commission and no fees or bonuses deducted from your earnings; making our program the most lucrative affiliate program available anywhere on the net.

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