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By Anthony LeMaire

There has been an explosion of new internet poker rooms in the past few years and all of them are competing for gamblers. However, traditional advertising methods often prove costly and only marginally effective so many of these poker rooms have started an internet poker affiliate program. This has proved to be great for many people who believed that there was no real good way to make money on the internet. The internet poker affiliate program is free to sign up for and even easier to use.

The poker room provides the internet poker affiliate with a variety of banners ads and text e-mails about its site. These can be placed on the affiliate’s website and in e-mails. One someone clicks on one of these ads the affiliate is given immediate credit for making a referral. Then when the person refers registers with the poker room and begins gambling, the affiliate begins to earn commission. The commission is often based on the rake, which is the amount of each poker hand kept by the poker room.

A good internet poker affiliate program continues to pay these commissions every time the player gambles. As a result, an internet poker affiliate with an aggressive marketing program can make many referrals and generate a substantial recurring income. The poker room does every thing necessary to keep both the players and the affiliates happy. Great customer service is provided and there are bonuses and other incentives offered to players to retain their loyalty to the site. So if you’re one of those people who’d given up on finding an easy and risk free way to make money on the internet, you may want to look again.

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You receive 25% of the rake generated by your referrals at
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Affiliate Marketing
Earn 25%

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