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Welcome to the Poker Affiliate Program, powered by Doyle’s Room.com. Join our Poker Affiliate Marketing Program today and earn the most generous poker affiliate payouts in the industry! Why sit by and watch everyone else make all the money? Becoming a poker affiliate partner is quick and easy. Just click here, fill out a simple form and you'll be ready to start.

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Doyle's Poker Affiliates News

More Poker Players are becoming affiliates

San Jose, Costa Rica: September 22nd, 2006

So what is this new trend, and why do so many people want to become affiliates these days? By becoming an affiliate players make extra money; once a partnership with an online business has been established the vendor gives credit to the affiliates for the sales he has accomplished and passed on to the online company.  Usually this is done online by simply linking the sites of the two companies, or else emails can be used for marketing and promotion. To put it simply, the affiliates’ job is to sell to prospective customers as well as recruiting prospective affiliates.  The affiliates benefit a lot from this program, and if they are skillful enough they can make a lot of extra cash this way.

Working with webmasters is the next step;  these will in turn be in a position to bring in more business to the affiliates. For those thinking about it seriously, the best first step to take is to check doylesroomaffiliates.com and the rest is explained on the site. A business sense is needed as well as a drive for success.  A mailing list or a website will certainly help. The list is emailed and basically the system works by itself.

Many people join the affiliates program of doylesroomaffiliates.com on a daily basis.  This site, associated with the name of Doyle Brunson, inspires confidence and trust.  What a better way to make an extra income while you can still enjoy a game with Brunson himself?

About Doylesroomaffiliates.com:

Doylesroomaffiliates.com is powered by DBPN (Doyle Brunson Poker Network), a company incorporated and licensed in Curacao , Netherlands Antilles.



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Poker Affiliate Program

Poker Affiliate Program F.A.Q.
If you have questions about our Poker Affiliate Program which remain unanswered, please take a moment of your time to look through a summary of our most frequently asked questions below. For the complete list of F.A.Q., please click here.

What is an Affiliate Program?

An Affiliate Program allows you to earn money by referring Doyle’s Room, from a Website or word-of-mouth advertising. For every visitor referred by you that becomes a New Doyle’s Room Player, we'll pay you 25% of the rake generated by your registered guests.

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How do I recruit players?

This is the easy part. All they have to do is register at Doyle’s Room; place your Affiliate Partner CODE in the appropriate field, and play. The Doyle’s Room affiliate software takes care of all the rest. Your registered guests do not have to do anything else so the burden is not on them to build your poker business.  The more people you get to play the more income you earn. Keep in mind that a single aggressive player, that plays regularly, can generate for you anywhere from $25 to $250 per month in Affiliate Partnership fees.

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Does it cost me anything to become an Affiliate?

No! It's absolutely free to join our Affiliate Program. There are no hidden costs or fees at all. You can only make money.

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How are payments handled?

All earned affiliate Partnership payments are electronically deposited directly into Doyle's Room player account. You can draw these funds from your third-party account (i.e., Neteller) at your leisure. Monies earned in the current month are paid at the end of the month. Payments are made once a month. You can monitor all Partnership activities from the Members section, linked under My Account, any time you wish.

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