What is Dealt Rakeback?

In the dealt rakeback method, every player is considered to share the rake equally, regardless of their position or amount contributed to the pot. If you are playing at a 10 person table, you are credited with 10% of whatever the total rake for that pot ends up being. If $2 is raked, you are credited with $0.20 of rake. Players tend to prefer the dealt method because it does not penalize tighter players. Therefore you can be as tight as you want, but you are still earning rakeback! This translates to much more money in your pocket!

What Rakeback will PlayersOnly or Sportsbook.com Use?

PlayersOnly or Sportsbook.com will use a Weighted Contributed method of Rakeback. This means that rake is NOT shared equally, but it is calculated based on the amount you contribute to the pot. If you are playing at 10 player table and you contribute $0 to the pot, you are credited with contributing $0 in rake, and therefore you receive no rakeback for that hand. This translates to less money in your pocket!